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the Beauty

My mother and my grandmother, both professional artists, opened the door of their studios to me from an early age. Watching them work and embrace a philosophy of research and self betterment through craft was a big inspiration. 

My journey has steadily been one of many disciplines, benefiting from the crossover between different arts.

A Bachelor's in music for sound design and composition, a Masters' in performance arts, a degree in organic farming. 

But what always stayed with me was my natural incline towards 'building'. 


Timber frame homes on Martha's Vineyard, Theatre sets in NYC, furniture for the Guggenheim museum, Log homes in Summit county Colorado. These are some of the really fun projects I was lucky to work on.
Growing up in Rome Italy, I was immersed in a world of architecture and art, and I have always held dear this privilege. Saint Peter's clever play on points of perspective and the Pantheon's hole in roof (reducing the top weight and therefore allowing for a roof with perfect sphere) are some of my favorites. 


When I work with wood, it is an excuse for me to be in relationship with mother nature, to listen to what is possible, and to find ways to work with it.

Having built my shop in Val David, Québec, I continue to work and develop art and interior architecture. I love embracing new projects and being challenged by their complexities.

I’m looking forward to talking to you about your vision, learning about your needs and dreams and turning them into reality. 

Image by Abby Anaday
Image by Aleksandar Radovanovic

Locally sourced

I source and mill trees that are often cut down for construction sites or lot expansions. 

There is maple, oak and ash currently drying and I am happy to include this locally-sourced wood in your project.

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