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The Life & Spirit
of Wood


Design  Fabrication  Installation


Rémi Lahaussois

wood artist

Bringing nature 

into your home. 

A Passion for wood and for craft. A Love for the resilient strength, warmth and intriguing patterns that are unique to wood. It is an elemental material which so perfectly embodies our natural history and our ecological life source.  In these modern times where we sometimes feel disconnected from nature, this material allows us to bring the beauty and magic of nature into our indoor spaces, giving us a sense of connection and belonging. 

I have been working with wood, deepening my curiosity and respect for this 'trade' throughout my life, and really enjoy sharing my experience and joy with the people I meet. 


I look forward to working directly with you or through a designer of your choice so that I can deliver an experience that you can live and love over and over everyday . 

Embracing life and the spirit of wood...

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